Printed circuit boards production

The international company Sai Fon Technologies offers customers the manufacture of printed circuit boards to order in small and large batches on favorable terms with the delivery of products Worldwide. Are our modern production lines located in China, in Taiwan and Germany, and the head sales office in Shanghai, which allows you to fulfill individual orders of any complexity, volume and urgency, fully control the West production cycle and offer minimum market prices.

Types of printed circuit boards to order

The modern production of the company Sai Fon Technologies produces custom-made printed circuit boards:

  • High-frequency (analog radio-frequency and digital high-frequency) - for complex space, aviation and military equipment and electronics with a wide frequency range based on dielectric (reinforced, ceramic, thermostable, thermoset) fiberglass materials and fluoroplastics from Rogers, Neltech and Taconic. They are made tenting and combined in a positive way.
  • Flexible / flexible-rigid (single or multi-layer) - for automotive, telecommunications, medical, computer, military equipment and household appliances as a replacement for cable connectors and wires. They are made of dielectric polyamide or polyethylene terephthalate, are compact, flexible and flexible, easy to assemble and systemically reliable, can be arranged in bulk.
  • Single-layer - for automation systems for household and LED electrical appliances, measuring equipment and power supplies. They are made by the subtractive chemical method of fiberglass or laminated fiberglass FR4, have a minimum thickness (1-1.5 mm), can have a built-in metal heat sink (IMS) and a layer of copper foil on one side, protected by solder masks and a finish coating. Photoresist is applied by screen or photo printing.
  • Two-layer (DPP) - for industrial and consumer electronics, power systems, signaling and telecommunications, measuring and military equipment. They are made of phenolic, epoxy, cellulose and fiberglass composite tenting - and in the combined positive way, they have two layers of dielectric and an inner conductor and through slotted holes.
  • Multilayer (MPP) external, signal, heat-conducting and power layers - for high-frequency equipment of signal circuits. They are made of fluoroplastics, fiberglass and combined Rogers and KingBoard base materials by building, pressing and combined methods, can have up to 32 layers of dielectric with topology elements, blind or hidden electrical connections.
  • Multilayer, high density (HDI-boards) - for mobile communications and multimedia systems, tracking and surveillance, medical measuring and military devices. They are made of ShengYi fiberglass laminate (FR4) by the method of layer-by-layer growth, pair pressing using lasers or substrata. They are distinguished by a high level of resolution of the topology, superthin and superdense dielectric structure (RCC), and multilevel multilayer (blind and blind) transitions.


  • On metal with integrated heat sink (IMS) - for sophisticated electronic equipment operating in difficult climatic and thermal conditions. They are made of aluminum, copper or steel alloys onto which one or a plurality of dielectric layers are pressed in a tenting or subtractive manner. They are characterized by increased mechanical strength and resistance to vibration, provide a high level of electromagnetic shielding, have a thickness of 70 microns to 1-2 mm.
  • Planar transformers (mounted, hybrid) - for telecommunication, computer and military equipment, military and space communication systems, power and welding plants. They are made by gluing or clamping methods. They can be single or multi-layer, compact, characterized by maximum efficiency, high power density, repeatability of properties, and easily replace volume and induction coils.


Materials and Technologies

In the manufacture of printed circuit boards, the most advanced organic and inorganic base materials (foil-laminated dielectric plates) are used - fiberglass, fiberglass, polyamides with epoxy and podimide binders, silicon, aluminum and ceramics.

As the final protective coatings of the boards, HASL solders (POS-63), lead-free tinning (HASL LF), chemical nickel, soft and hard gilding, immersion silvering (ImAg), gilding (ImAu) and tin coating (ImSn), organic (OSP) are used ) and graphite layers.

The thickness of the manufactured boards is 3-7 mm, the thickness of the foil layer is 1-12 oz. When manufacturing according to the exact dimensions, typical tolerances for plane bending and board dimensions, conductor width, hole diameters are taken into account. Circuit board processing - milling, stamping, scribing (1/3, ¼, 2/3), laser.

Prices for printed circuit boards

Sai Fon Technologies accepts orders Online for the production of printed circuit boards of any kind and in any volume. We:


  • help to design and develop a typology of products;
  • supply basic and protective materials from direct manufacturers;
  • offer engineering support and project control;
  • provide international certification and a 3-year product warranty.

The cost of manufacturing printed circuit boards to order will depend on the type and dimensions of the products, the number of units in the batch, the number of dielectric layers and types of processing of the material, the need to drill and metallize vias, the color of the solder mask, the marking requirements and the level of electrical control, the complexity and urgency of the order.

For questions about the production and urgent production of printed circuit boards, please contact our consultants. You can also independently calculate the estimated cost of an order for the production of printed circuit boards using the online calculator on the site.