Polyester film (PET)

The international company Sai Fon Technologies offers wholesale supply of polyester films of various types of laminates to protect the working surfaces of equipment, mass production of laminates (base materials), flexible and flexible-rigid printed circuit boards. Dielectric film polymers are supplied from world famous manufacturers in any volume, at a bargain price and in the shortest possible time.

PET films in industrial production

Polyester films based on polyethylene terephthalate are a thermoplastic granular material from which the thinnest, but very strong film with different characteristics of plasticity, wear resistance, heat resistance, color, texture and transparency / dullness (due to complex additives) is obtained by extrusion.

Initially, PET polymers were used as cable insulation and in the production of photo and film films, and in modern industry they are used as packaging material, a protective coating for equipment, machinery, working dashboards and mobile devices, material for laminating outdoor advertising, printing, furniture and etc.

Polyester films have unique specifications:

  • maximum puncture and tear resistance with a minimum thickness (not more than 285 microns);
  • high flexibility and elasticity;
  • resistance to temperature changes from -60 to + 105C;
  • moisture resistance and water resistance, chemical inertness;
  • low temperature of plasticity (convenient for molding).
  • In addition, PET films are excellent dielectrics, are well formed into flexible multilayer structures (foil laminates) with adhesive adhesives and are used as basic materials for the production of flexible and flexible-rigid printed circuit boards.

Supply of PET films

The company Sai Fon Technologies supplies worldwide polyester films from the well-known brand HM FILM. Our catalog contains the most popular series of polymer film materials:

  • Series A - matte-textured wear-resistant, thermally stable and chemically inert films with high elasticity to protect the dashboards, cases and keyboards of mobile devices, the production of labels and plates. They absorb UV ink well and are delivered in rolls of 200 meters with a layer thickness of 135-200 microns.
  • Series F - thin-textured tempered films with high mechanical, chemical and anti-corrosion resistance for the protection of instrument panels and membrane keypads, production of plates and anti-reflective coatings. They give transparent colors when printing, are delivered in rolls of 200 meters with a layer thickness of 150-280 microns.
  • S series - flexible high-resistant films with a texture of "stainless steel" for the protection of household appliances, dashboards and keyboards, production of plates and labels. They are embossed, decorated and graphically printed.
  • ST series - durable, wear-resistant and chemically resistant polyester films with "silk" tactility and the effect of "stainless steel" to protect household appliances, membrane switches, panels of mobile devices. They are delivered in rolls of 200 meters with a layer thickness of 150-280 microns.
  • Series V (D) - flexible, high-resistance films with a rough “velvet” texture for creating anti-reflective coatings and labels, protecting household and mobile appliances, membrane switches. They are delivered in rolls of 200 m with a layer thickness of 150-280 microns.
  • ST series - transparent optical films with double-sided primer for printing. They are used to protect medical equipment, toolbars, membrane switches, keyboards of mobile devices. They are delivered in rolls of 200 meters with a layer thickness of 125-188 microns.

In terms of technical characteristics and aesthetic properties, the polyester films presented in our product catalog are not inferior to the serial film materials of the popular British brand Autotex, but they have a significantly lower cost. The volumes, terms and cost of deliveries of polyester films are discussed individually for each order.