PCB Tracing

The international company Sai on Technologies offers its customers tracing services for printed circuit boards of any complexity and accuracy class. We trace ordered small and large batches of PCBs in accordance with accepted technical standards, in the shortest possible time and on favorable terms.

PCB trace process

Tracing of printed circuit boards is a technically important, time-consuming and very complicated process of determining the mounting locations of conductors and wiring their interconnections on the dielectric plate of the board, taking into account the requirements of the specification, current standards, optimal parameters and restrictions (on the width of the conductive devices and the distance between them).

This is one of the important stages in the design of circuit boards for electronic devices, which is performed after creating a basic circuit diagram of the circuit board, the choice of structural materials and equipment. Its complexity is that from the set of possible options it is necessary to choose the optimal structural and technological solution.

Software tracing is performed in the presence of an analytical design (drawing) of the circuit diagram of the board, a dimensional drawing of the board itself, specifications of electrical components and a clearly formulated technical specification of the customer. The tracing process consists of several stages:

  • creation of a library of required electrical components for installation and a list of circuits;
  • preliminary layout and packaging of components on a dielectric board (approved);
  • wiring design and connection tracing (approved);
  • finish layout of electrical components;
  • creation and transfer to the client of design documentation for tracing.

Tracing PCBs online

The designers of Sai Fon Technologies company trace all types of electronic printed circuit boards:

  • analog and digital microwave cards;
  • single-layer and multi-layer flexible and flexible-rigid;
  • single-layer, two-layer (DPP), multi-layer (MPP) and multi-layer high-density HDI;
  • IMS-boards on metal with integrated heat sink;
  • planar transformers.

The company's specialists perform tracing using special programs and three methods (manual, automatic and interactive). Each method is suitable for certain accuracy classes of printed circuit boards, has an individual level of complexity and cost when ordering.