PCB design

The international company Sai Fon Technologies offers its customers the professional design of any type of printed circuit board for small and large-scale production, as well as the manufacture of prototypes of products on favorable terms. Designing according to technical specifications of customers is carried out by experienced designers in Moscow, using modern technologies and specialized software. Customers receive a complete package of design documentation in accordance with IPC standards.

PCB design complex

Design of printed circuit boards has its own standards and consists of several successive stages:

  • the study of the technical specifications of the client (basic circuit diagram, required operating parameters, recommendations on basic and finishing materials, a list of structural elements);
  • creating a list (library) of software components and footprints;
  • preliminary layout, placement and fixation of board elements (creating a 3D model of the product);
  • PP tracing with a specified number of layers, finish layout, route routing, optimized connections and calculated resistances;
  • board simulation with thermal load analysis, SI, PI and EMC;
  • verification with duplicate control of technical accuracy and design errors.

After completing the entire cycle of work, the design of the printed circuit board with the package of design documentation is transferred to the customer.

Design of printed circuit boards online

Engineers of the company Sai Fon Technologies perform design of electronic printed circuit boards of all types and complexity according to technical specifications and customer parameters:

  • High-frequency (microwave analog and digital);
  • Flexible / flexible-rigid (single-layer or multi-layer);
  • Single layer;
  • Two-layer (DPP);
  • multilayer (MPP up to 20 layers) and multilayer high-density HDI-boards;
  • IMS-boards on metal with integrated heat sink;
  • Planar transformers.

When designing, the requirements for the basic materials of dielectrics and conductors, housing design, foil thickness, vias (blind and hidden), one-sided or two-sided topology, protection of solder masks and finish coating, wiring of high-speed, analog and microwave signals are taken into account.

At our disposal are modern equipment and specialized software, databases and component libraries. We provide effective technical solutions, design accuracy and error-free configuration, reduced production time and low prices for services.

At the exit, the customer receives a full set of design documentation: assembly drawings and specifications that correspond to the technical specifications of the customer, IPC standards.