Our values

Sai Fon Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of highly liquid electronic components for critical applications, and our main mission is to ensure the high quality and reliability of their work. Therefore, we declare:

  • Responsibility to customers. We are attentive to the production processes, the results obtained and the quality of the products, on which the reliability of complex electronic equipment and the reputation of our customers depend.
  • Individual approach. Our partners are always valuable to us, and we strive to cooperate honestly and transparently, creating optimal conditions for their maximum success and financial stability, the emergence of new partners and the expansion of areas of cooperation.
  • Professionalism and teamwork. Our employees are specialists with high qualifications and an active lifestyle, constantly developing their skills, competence, ability to think, work and use experience collectively, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently solve problems of any complexity.
  • Constant and continuous development. Updating equipment and introducing new technologies to expand technical capabilities, improve the quality of services provided and reduce production costs.
  • Guaranteed trade secrets. The business of our customers is important to us, and we make every effort to guarantee the confidentiality of cooperation and protect the professional and corporate secrets of partners.
  • Ecological safety. We use only high-tech equipment and safe production technologies to minimize the impact on employees' health and the environment.
  • Guaranteed product quality. The production cycle of the company is optimized in accordance with international management standards (ISO 9001: 2008), is constantly being improved and allows us to guarantee the highest quality of products.
  • Not inertia and out-of-the-box thinking. We are always focused on the introduction of the most advanced technologies, the rejection of template management and technical solutions in favor of innovative development.