Laminates for printed circuit boards

The international company Sai Fon Technologies offers PCB customers the supply of laminates for serial production of PCB on exeptional conditions. We supply laminated dielectric composites from world famous manufacturers and are ready to quickly fulfill orders of any scope of supply.

PCB Laminates

Laminates (multilayer foil composites) are the best base materials for the production of electronic printed circuit boards with the highest dielectric capacity. Of these, by thermal pressing of several layers with a layer of electrical conductors, cases are created for almost any type of PCBs.

The main advantage of laminates is the ability to change technical characteristics with different versions of the chemical composition, thickness, type of foil material. This ability allows the use of composites with previously known characteristics for the creation of various types of printed circuit boards and different conditions of their operation.

Today, the world produces many dielectric laminates for PCBs, which differ in a number of technical parameters:

  • CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) - the strength and resistance of the material to temperature effects;
  • Tg (glass transition temperature) - maximum temperature resistance to maintain hardness and stiffness (polyimides, epoxies);
  • Td (temperature of destruction) - the maximum temperature load (margin of safety) to maintain the weight of the body of the board, which is important for lead-free soldering;
  • Tc (thermal conductivity) - the ability of a material to remove heat from structural elements;
  • RDC (relative dielectric constant) - level of electrical resistance;
  • TC (temperature coefficient) - the level of electrical resistance when changing the temperature regime;
  • DLTgδ (dielectric loss tangent) is the dissipated power of the material.
  • The listed characteristics are important when choosing a laminate for the production of a certain type and accuracy class of printed circuit boards. Manufacturers produce basic dielectric materials with a wide range of parameters, and it is important to choose the version of the laminate that is optimal for the operation of the printed circuit board in electronic devices.

Supply of laminates for PCBs worldwide

Sai Fon Technologies directly from world famous manufacturers Rogers, Neltech, Taconic, KingBoard, ShengYi supplies laminates for the industrial production of printed circuit boards. It is possible to order basic dielectric materials in the required volumes and at an adequate wholesale price from us:

organic origin (fiberglass, fiberglass, polyimides) for PP household and specialized industrial equipment.
inorganic (ceramics, silicon) for printed circuit boards of equipment operating in harsh operating conditions.
Deliveries of laminates can be ordered for the production of printed circuit boards at the facilities of the company Sai Fon Technologies or for third-party production. Volumes, terms and conditions of delivery are discussed individually for each specific order.