PCB prototyping

The international company Sai Fon Technologies offers its customers design and production of prototype printed circuit boards of any complexity and accuracy class. We use modern technologies, professional equipment and high-quality basic materials, provide high speed and accuracy of technological processes, offer minimum terms and cost of order execution.

PCB prototyping

The prototype of the printed circuit board (prototype) is a working model of the future serial device, which is created in a single copy according to the developed project, as close as possible in design, size, layout of elements, materials and functionality to the future industrial (serial) printed circuit board.

PCB prototype is created before the product is launched into mass production and is necessary for:

  • testing product operating parameters for compliance with the statement of work;
  • tests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the board in devices;
  • assessing the quality and appropriateness of using basic and finishing PCB materials;
  • assessing the convenience of assembly of the board for industrial production;
  • pre-certification tests for various quality indicators;
  • exhibition or presentation demonstration.

Prototypes of boards are sometimes created manually in single copies, which determines their rather high cost. However, the task of the designers is to use the same technologies, equipment and standards that will then be used in the serial production of printed circuit boards, verify their effectiveness and eliminate identified technological errors.

The creation of a prototype of a printed circuit board begins immediately after the completion of the design phase, preparation and approval of design documentation for materials, cases, hardware and software, and the creation of a 3D model of the board.

Request for prototypes of printed circuit boards online

The specialists of Sai Fon Technologies, on the technical specifications of customers, carry out the design and manufacture of electronic printed circuit boards of all types and accuracy classes:

  • digital and analog microwave;
  • flexible and flexible-rigid;
  • single-layer, two-layer (DLPCB), multilayer (MLPCB);
  • multilayer high-density HDI;
  • reinforced metal IMS boards with integrated heat sink;
  • planar transformers.

Prototypes are produced on the company's own professional equipment under the constant supervision of product designers. In the manufacture, we use our own basic materials and mounting elements (or purchase), as well as various technologies for the manufacture of cases - milling on CNC machines, stereo lithography, laser sintering, layering.

Production of prototypes can be carried out according to the finished documentation of customers, or according to the designs of our designers (from you - only the technical task). In TK, the number of required PCB prototypes should be clarified.